Wednesday, December 3, 2003


Do a favor for your pals at GWBWYPGN:

1. Open up a new window and go to Google.
2. Type the words miserable failure (without quotes) in the search field.
3. Hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button.

And bickety-bam, you're at the miserable failure home page! That's right, the effort begun weeks ago by Old Fashioned Patriot has succeeded — George W. Bush's bio page on is now the top response to the search phrase "miserable failure" on Google. Back on Nov. 25, we'd set Christmas Day as the unofficial goal for the Bush bio to become the number-one return, and we've hit it weeks in advance. Congrats to everyone who put a miserable failure hyperlink on their page and helped make this happen!

But unlike George W. Bush, we're not declaring everything hunky-dory and wiping our hands clean just because the primary mission has been accomplished. We're going to have to continue throwing this hyperlink into our pages now and then to keep the Bush bio at #1, so don't forget to do it again every once in a while. And you'll notice that if you enter "miserable failure" (in quotes) in the Google search window, the Bush bio only come up as the #2 response, and that ain't good enough. So if you're part of the strategic hyperlinking project that Old Fashioned Patriot started, start adding the quotes to your hyperlink from time to time.

There's no telling how far we can go with this. As long as we're planting seeds here, why not make a hyperlink every time you reference the name Ann Coulter? You could link it to...oh, I don't know...this page.

Let's get crackin', kids! Link away!

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